Learn strategies for calming, coping, and relaxing. Develop skills to control anxiety. You will be in charge of your life, not your anxiety. 


Is depression getting in the way of your routine or relationships? Therapy for depression can enhance your well-being. You can thrive in life.


Did you have a traumatic, overwhelming experience in the past? Psychotherapy is the most effective way to treat trauma.

Nalin Bisnath

Our Founder, Registered Psychotherapist, PhD (student)

I’ve always been naturally drawn to helping people using a compassionate lens with the goal of empowering others. My innate curiosity about the potential of the human mind was piqued through early life experiences, that led me on an exploratory journey through modern psychology to empower others to grow, heal and thrive.

Having gained a Bachelors in Psychology (York University), a Masters in Counseling Psychology (Yorkville University), qualified as a Clinical Traumatologist (Toronto institute of Traumatology), and in the process of earning a PhD in Psychology with a focus on Trauma (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), I offer a safe space for you to understand your inner world, develop self-compassion, heal from any wounds and discover your path to wholeness.

I am here to support you to grow in ways that encourage you to reach your full potential, while at the same learning to embrace your imperfections in a way that’s both honest and also empowering.